Posted on: January 11, 2012 2:02 am

Proposed BCS Championship scenario

With the BCS finally starting to gain some steam towards a playoff, I have re-hashed my amazing plan to institute a playoff that involves the bowls and keeps the system fair for everyone in the FBS level to at least have some access.  I think my system not only keeps the value of the regular season, but allows the bowls to remain. 

I propose an 8-team playoff, where each entrant to the playoffs is a conference champion and ranked in the top 25.  If there aren't 8 ranked conference champions, then spots could be filled by teams ranked in the top 25. 

The seeding of the playoffs would be determined by the BCS formula, with the first round games played at the 1-4 seeds' home fields and the second round would be re-seeded like the NFL playoffs are and would use two of the major bowls.

The Championship game would be a third bowl game, with the fourth bowl comprised of a consolation or at-large setup. 

This year, we would have seen in the 1st round:

#8 West Virginia at #1 LSU
#7 Southern Miss at #2 Oklahoma St.
#6 TCU at #3 Oregon
#5 Clemson at #4 Wisconsin

So Alabama, Stanford, and Boise would be left out - but none of those teams won their conference!!  Winning a conference and staying ranked would retain all the relevance of the regular season, plus being highly ranked get you another home game.  To compare, 2010 would have gone like this:

#8 UCF at #1 Auburn
#7 Virginia Tech at #2 Oregon
#6 Boise State at #3 TCU
#5 Oklahoma at #4 Wisconsin

Note that Connecticut doesn't get in because they weren't ranked. 

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